One Theme v1.1.3

One Theme v1.1.3

Template Name: One Theme v1.1.3
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IMPORTANT: you must upload the ionCube folder in BINARY FTP mode.

  • 1) Extract the files from the .zip. (We assume you have already done this as you are reading the file).
  • 2) Copy the "upload/one-theme" folder to the "wp-content/themes/"
  • folder of your WordPress site.
  • 3) Copy the "upload/ot_plugins" folder to the "wp-content/plugins/"
  • folder of your WordPress site.
  • 4) Upload ot_plugins, ioncube, and one-theme folders to your server.
  • 5) Login to the backend of your WordPress site with your administrator account.
  • 6) Click "Plugins" on the top menu bar.
  • 7) Locate "One Theme Control Panel" and click "Activate".
  • 8) Click the newly apparent "One Theme" tab in the top menu.
  • 9) Enjoy One Theme! 
The One Theme team work very hard on bringing you the very best  in WordPress enhancements and are dedicated to providing you
 with both great service and excellent new features on a regular basis. All we ask in return we ask you to stick to the license agreement.
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