Press Box v1.3 - Premium WordPress Theme

Press Box v1.3 - Premium WordPress Theme

Template Name: Press Box v1.3
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Every purchase helps us fund some of our research and programs. If you are interested in more permissive commercial use (such as reselling or bundling the theme), please contact us directly. The premium version doesn’t necessarily entitle you to these uses. Similarly please contact us if you want the theme/experiment code/anonymized data for use and you are a student, academic or a nonprofit organization.

Theme Highlights

Premium Blog - not Premium Magazine
We consider this a ‘premium theme’, but it isn’t a magazine. It looks like a blog and (if it could) would walk and talk like one too. It does look a little different then a normal blog, and has a few more options, but it doesn’t forget about its past growing up in the blogosphere.

Strikingly Simple
Our goal here is not to create some fancy hand tooled look. For two reasons. One is that those designs become dated fast, the other is that it isn’t as easy to edit someone’s photoshop files. PressBox is strikingly simple, it includes few design elements, imagery or the like. Still, it somehow possesses a unique presence and pinash all its own. From its unique header - which actually looks nice, even without a header image - to its double sidebar - there is an amazing amount going on, even when it looks like there isn’t.

Lots of views
Out of the box, PressBox can be quite a few different things. We prefer to use it with short article previews highlighting some striking imagery. You can just as easily configure it to focus solely on the images (great for a portfolio site like collaborative leonardo’s site.) - or even make it look just like a normal blog (but a little better).

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