Artshop Premium Wordpress Shopping Themes

Artshop Premium Wordpress Shopping Themes

Have a shop with your blog!

Wordpress as CMS for ecommerce shops. WITH SHOPPING CART !

Note: For the shop to work your Webspace should run on an Apache webserver.

Created for people who sell tangible items nationwide with PayPal as payment gateway.

The theme does not by any means try to compete with well established ecommerce solutions such as xtcommerce, Zencart or magento however it will satisfy those who like to set up a basic eshop (where products are set using posts and categorized in single first level categories) using wordpress as cms and paypal.

Words with 2.7

Visual Help file

Please see the screeshots for more features!

Merchant Admin Options:
Theme Options:

1. Provide Basic Information about your shop2. Configure PayPal3. Choose 1 from 6 different shipping calculation methods
    Free, Flat, Flat_Limit, Weight_Flat, Weight_Class and Per_Item (all explained in the Theme's Options)4. Set up the Confirmation & Shipping Notification email send to your customers5. Configure the PDF document with the customer's order6. Set up the Google Maps link to your shopManage your Orders:

1. view the information of each received order:
    When? Who? How much?2. Manualy send emails to individual customers (for pending orders)3. Print order invoices4. View PayPal transaction id's5. Change the status of each order from "Newly received & Paid" to:In processShippedCompletedStatistics:

View Sales StatisticsTheme Contains:
As always, all files and layered psd’s

Share Files:

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