ClassiPress premium theme version 2.01 November 08

ClassiPress premium theme version 2.01 November 08

  • image manager for uploaded images in the admin panel. you can see or delete the images that have been uploaded;
  • contact form in the description page so people can contact the person who added the ad;
  • people can subscribe to the rss and be up to date with the listings in your site;
  • subcategories for the main menu;
  • login box in header for easier access if you want only registered people to be able to post;
  • notification email to the admin when a new ad is entered;
  • notification email to the admin when a new payment has been made;
  • widgetized sidebar so you can add ads from the admin panel;
  • you can auto prune posts older than X days (where X is a number that you define);
  • you can choose any currency you want from the admin panel;
  • on the home page you can either show the category icons for each post or you can show the first image from the listings.
ClassiPress  is the first and only wordpress themes dedicated to classifieds websites. It comes with a settings page packed with features that help you control the theme from the admin panel. You don't even need to know wordpress to customize this theme.

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    I figured it out - thanks! Great theme.
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    Anyone know the password for the rar download?
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    Nice theme and easy for custom...!
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