IT Together August 08 - Joomla Template

IT Together August 08 - Joomla Template

 July passed and we at IceTheme didn't resist to bring you again an extremely hot joomla template with lots of new features. To begin the description for IT Together we would like to say first that this template is build-in a modified Community Builder Template.

Also another great feature is the unlimited template styles with a single color input from Joomla Template Manager in Joomla Administrator. But we weren't 100% satisfied. So beside IceCarousel, IceSlider and IceAccordion we build IceScroller and IcePanel modules so that you can have the possibly to publish any article or module in any position on your future joomla site.

As you can see from the demo we have completely rewrite the Article/Category/Frontpage/Section pages for maximum accessibility and usability. Now your content will have more significance and will be more readable

Some of the features are:

  • A completely modified Community Builder Template (Currently supporting CB 1.2 RC2)
  • Fully customized Template Style through Template Manager
  • Completely rewritten Article/Category/Frontpage/Section pages for maximum usability
  • Extreme Grid Based Design
  • 3 column based layout
  • DropDown Main Menu, Accordion Right Menu
  • Font Switcher
  • Compressed CSS and Javascript with Gzipp
  • 100% tabless design and CSS based
  • Joomla 1.5 compatible
  • IceCarousel, IceAccordion and IceSlider modules available
  • Photoshop layout, Fonts and Sample Data available on the download section
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Internet Explorer 6 PNG Support

IT Together Full Package:

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