oscommerce STS Edition

oscommerce STS Edition

is the decision of internet shop,which is base in script of internet shop osCommerse Online Merchant v2.2 RC1.In this decision was used modulus Simple Template System for simple change of design, was integrate more than 150 modulus,and thanks for was broader its possibilities and function.
The list of the main modulus is set forth below.

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Account Agreement Checkbox
Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0
Admin dhtml menu
Admin Icon Status
Admin Products Paging
AJAX Search Suggest
Ajax for states
AJAX Attribute Manager
All Categories & Subcategories Page
Allow Guest Reviews
All Products v3.0 MS 2.2 with Images
B2Bsuite Product Listing Columns
Batch Update Status
Best Customers Upgraded Report
Browse by Categories
Products Attributes Sort v1.0
Recover Cart Sales
Category Box Enhancement
Category Descriptions
Credit Card Box
change default image directories
Admin Summary Info
Credit Card Batch Report
Credit Card Number Encryption
Control more image sizes from admin
CSS Menu
Custom Create Account
Customer Export
Customer Notes (Anmerkungen zu Kunden)
Customer Sort (Admin)
Add date and order number to invoice and packing slip
Database Optimizer
default image in product info page
Define Mainpage
Identify Search Engine Bots in "Whos Online"
Enable & Disable Categories
Down for Maintenance v1.0
Download Page For Pending Downloads
Dynamic Information Pages
Enable & Disable Categories
Easy Populate & Products Attributes
Product Extra Fields
Featured Products
Extra Images
File Upload .7 (for PA - Option Type Feature)
Get 1 Free
Inactive User
Infobox Admin
Header Tags Controller
Javascript InfoBox
Lead Time Varying Information
Attribute Sets Plus
Login box V5.4
Low Stock Level Email
low stock report v1.1 upgraded
Minimum Product Quantity with Admin
Minimum price to order
Module Display Order Matches Sort Order in Admin
More Product Weight v1.0
Monitor performance mysql
multicards modules for oscom 2.2
admin - copy, move and delete multiple products
Newsletter Products
Newsletter Unsubscribe
On The Fly Watermark Enhanced 1.1
Product Attributes - Option Type Feature
Order Editor
Optimize tep_get_tax_rate() method
Options as Images for MS2
osC Affiliate
osC-PrintOrder with Store Logo v1.0
osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2
Customers extra fields
Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme
Discount for Payment Type
'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library
Page Cache v1.0 - MS2
Webmoney Payment Module
Payment Type Charge
PDF File Upload and Display
Poll Booth
Per Country Per Item v1.0
Prevent illegal or problematic file name characters from uploading
Printer Friendly Product Page
Print Order receipt
Products Properties v2.0
Product Sort
Recover Cart Sales
Quantity Discounts
RSS Feed 0.1
SaleMaker - All products marked down
Sales Report 2
Sales Report
Scrolling Marquee v2
Search Enhancements
Security Fix for logoff.php
Ship 2 Pay v1.0 (MS1)
Link in Box Title
Short Description in products
Show All Product Results
Show Customer ID On Admin Orders
Sleek Invoice
Star Product v1.0
customers stats orders
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry
Admin Store Summary
Subcategory textboxes
Super Download Shop
Super Contact us enhancement 1.0
Super Download Shop
TinyMCE in Products desc
Total Configuration
Upcoming Products with Images v1.0
UPS XML Rates and Services v1.0
USPS Methods
Ultimate SEO URLs
webtopay.com Website Payments
Wishlist 2.0
World Zones
valid XHTML Catalog Side 2.3
Market-Yandex, Pokupki-Rambler XML file
X-Sell v2-MS2 - Cross Sell for MS2
YATM - Yet Another Tree Menu

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