Newsday Premium Wordpress Themes

Newsday Premium Wordpress Themes

 Template Name: NattyWP
More Info:

  • NattyWP Shortnews module.
  • NattyWP AJAXed Be Hip widget.
  • NattyWP AJAX Latest Video module.
  • A completely widgetized sidebar with special widgets, developed by NattyWP
  • 6 different styles to choose from
  • Built in Theme Options panel, available through Wordpress Admin, for the detailed set up of your theme.
  • Image Resizer, authomatically creating thumbnails for blog posts.
  • Custom Page Templates for Archives & Sitemap
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Comments. Threaded comments support.
  • Comfortable and simple managing of banners and Adsense in the blog using special NattyWP widgets.
Newsday is a universal theme which can be used for any blog. Newsday will be a perfect choice for a news site (magazine), a corporate blog, and also as a business template for a company site. You can easily change settings and the position of modules, disable or activate certain elements. The theme is supplied with all popular NattyWP modules and NattyWP widgets, it also has a user-friendly control panel for setting the main functions.
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