ComFy Magazine Style Wordpress Theme

ComFy Magazine Style Wordpress Theme

Theme Name: ComFy Magazine
More Info:

Comfy is a our brand new CMS theme which presents some unique features. It features a fully controllable home page, It uses jQuery to add fancy features to your blog.

This theme comes with editable widgets, ability to change default stylesheet, clean code, sliced template files, advertisement spots, ajax tabs, gravatars support, and much more.

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  • # 4 (09, May 18, 3:01 PM)
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    Good theme.
    I will try it on my blog too
  • # 3 (09, May 11, 6:15 PM)
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    hi, based on this site

    the url for this is

    just wondering how they do the seperation of

    Visitors Count, UserOnline.... that can fit 2 columns on the side ?
    another one question on this

    below the
    "TuaPuis Pick of the Week"

    they put in adsense adv. below it.. there are 5 articles as well and wondering how they make it ? is it part of the original settings ? coz i don c any after my installation

  • # 2 (09, April 23, 9:03 PM)
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    Do you happen to have the 2.5 version? (latest one, they are charging for it now :( )
  • # 1 (09, March 27, 11:47 PM)
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    this theme so fantastic!!!

    I also using it!!
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