WPTube Premium Wordpress Themes

WPTube Premium Wordpress Themes

 Template Name: WPTube Premium
More Info: http://jrwebstudio.com/  

Installation procedure
Before you start using this theme make sure you have no plugins activated or better said use a fresh instalation of wordpres 2.7.1

1. After you unziped the folder you can see this file ( readme.txt ) and wp-content folder.
2. Go to wp-content\themes\wptube\adsense folder and insert your ad-sense script.
3. Upload your own logo named header.png ( 450px ?70px ) to /wp-content/themes/wptube/images/
4. Upload wp-content folder to your blog folder. All files have been placed properly within the folder structure.
5. After upload, check that the folder 'wptube' is in /wp-content/themes/
6. Check that the files 'fav_me.php' and 'dd-multi-col-cats.php' are in /wp-content/plugins/
7. Check that the folders 'sidebar-login' , 'vipers-video-quicktags' , 'wp-cumulus' , 'wp-pagenavi' , 'wp-postratings' and 'wp-postviews' are in /wp-content/plugins/
8. Activate the theme.
9. Activate uploaded plugins.
10. Create a page named sitemap and apply theme xmtlsitemap.
11. Create a page name artists or categories which suits you better and apply template artists. ( This will show categories in 3 columns in a page )
12. Start embeding videos using viper quick tags, for more info refer to help from viper-quicktags plugin.

* To show thumbnails for flv embeded files, you must include a jpg file inside the folder where the flv file is located.
** Plugins in wp-content/plugins/ have been modified to suit this theme.
*** This theme creates automaticaly a Home button so if you allready have the plugin installed deactivate that one first.

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