[DGT]ClipHouse 1.1.0

[DGT]ClipHouse 1.1.0

100% Open Source Code 
  Source code of ClipHouse script is not encoded. This means that you can modify the functionality of the software to meet your needs, integrate custom modules or remove unnecessary functionality. 
 Friends and Invitations 
  Members can add existing site members to their friends and start sharing videos and bulletins with each other. Also members can send an invitation to their friends, who haven't joined the site yet. 
  Members are able to post a message to all of their friends at the same moment. These messages will appear in a special "Bulletins" section on their channel page. 
 Badwords Filter 
  If your site is supposed to be open for kids or you just want your members to be polite you can enable Badwords filter and all forbidden words will be stripped from users input. Admin has an ability to remove or modify existing badwords list or create your own. 
 Multilingual Support 
  ClipHouse has been written with a full support of international languages. You can configure the global encoding of the script - and all HTML output, DB entries, emails, etc. will be converted to the specified encoding. 
 Translate Tool 
  Ability to translate the whole script in few steps from admin console.

 DZOIC ClipHouse v1.1 Installation
1) Unzip the package
2) Upload files from /install directory to your server
3) Run http://yourdomain/path_to_script/install
4) Follow InstallGuide instructions
 You will need to have setup your database prior to running the install.
 Make sure your key still has the hyphens "-" and does not contain any extra spaces.

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