LightSource - Elegant Premium WordPress Theme

LightSource - Elegant Premium WordPress Theme

Template Name: LightSource
More Info:
Demo the Wordpress theme by Elegant!
Purchase:  All Elegant Themes License Only $19.95

    • Widget ready
    • Gravatar ready
    • Wordpress 2.6.5 compatible
    • IE7 compatible
    • Firefox compatible
    • Opera compatible
    • Netscape compatible
    • Safari compatible
    • Custom thumbnail images
    • Automatic thumbnail resizing
    • Featured Articles
    • Lifestream Integration
    • Blog-style Post Layout (Optionsal)
    • Advertising Management
    • 3 Unique Color Schemes
    • Valid XHTML + CSS
    • Detailed Theme Options Page
    • Fully layered PSD files included (and blank logo image)
LightSource is the newest WordPress theme release from the Themes club Elegant Themes. It is a nice colorful theme, beautifully designed with three different color and style options and two layout options, the default and standard blog format. LightSource featured lifestream integration that pulls together and aggregates all your information from various social websites such as twitter, digg, stumble upon, etc. The lifestream slides to go back in the time line using jQuery, aand is displayed on the sidebar and on the frontpage. The theme also features automatic image resizing that auto-resizes only requiring one custom field, and if you don’t care for thumbnails, they are optional. The menu of Lightsource has beautiful drop down effects, and its three tiered so you can navigate pages and subpages better. The advertising options on this theme are up to par in the fact that you can add ads into three different ready areas, with 3 different sizes, and manage them all from within wordpress. 
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