Equilibrium v1.4 Wordpress Theme

Equilibrium v1.4 Wordpress Theme

A Simple, Clean Magazine WordPress Theme. Plugins are not required and widgets are supported.

The theme is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. Which means you can use it for whatever you want. However, you must keep the Made By On credit in the footer and must not sell or redistribute the theme without my permission.


To get everything to display correctly, you’ll need open the index.php and look for the commented area which says “Edit Below”. Below that, you’ll see this:

	<?php query_posts('cat=ID&showposts=2'); ?>

Simply change the ID number to reflect whichever category you want to use for the Featured section. Repeat this step twice, as there will be two more lines you need to edit. “Edit Below 2″ & “Edit Below 3″.


To get images to show on the front page - before you save a post, scroll towards the bottom of the editor pane and enter the value “image” in the “Key” field then enter the URL of the image in the “Value” field.

The dimensions of Featured images are: Width 303px - Height 231px
The dimensions of Latest Post images are: Width 162px - Height 118px


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