TinyMCE - MCImageManager v3.1.0.4

TinyMCE - MCImageManager v3.1.0.4

Software: TinyMCE - MCImageManager 
More Info: http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/plugins_imagemanager.php

The MCImageManager is available both in PHP and .NET, and it's possible to integrate with the MCFileManager and it integrates seamlessly into TinyMCE. The purpose of the MCImageManager is to be able to preview images through thumbnails and conduct basic file operations on them, such as upload and delete, but it also has more advanced features such as crop, resize and flipping of images. The perfect tool to integrate with your CMS system, or TinyMCE. 

Key Features

  • Easy to integrate
  • MCFileManager compatible
  • Create folders
  • Upload images
  • Crop & Resize (if GD is enabled)
  • Thumbnail auto generation (if GD is enabled)
  • EXIF jpg/jpeg and tiff thumbnail support
  • Highly customizable configuration
  • Works perfectly in fullscreen and "popup" mode.
  • Full source included, not obfuscated.
  • Ajax based interface using a JSON bridge.
  • Language support.



In some instances you might want to integrate this software with other platforms, these are the currently supported platforms (for the PHP version).

  • Integration instructions and authenticator for Drupal 4.6.5/4.7.0b
  • Integration instructions and authenticator for Joomla 1.0.7
  • Integration instructions and authenticator for Wordpress 2.0+


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