• Following our outstanding JA ZinC, members on JoomlArt are now seeing a new special series of layout under the JA Quartz. It brings up to 7 charming styles ideally for fashion and modeling.

    In JA Quartz, content presentation is fully enhanced, we overwrite default main body of Joomla to create unique article layout in accordance with each specific template style. Images are re-sized smartly. Also, you will see a difference in the JA Tabs module as it assigns different background color for active tab vs. inactive tab, thus creating better user interface.

    2009, January 23, 7:17 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 7:24 AM])
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  • 2009, January 23, 5:12 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 5:18 AM])
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  • The City Portal template was designed to be a small portal for sites that display information for local cities or small towns. It mimics the layout of common city sites and provides the ability for one to add many modules to the homepage in a clean, concise manor via the multiple S5 Tab shows.

    This month we introduce 2 new modules: S5 Weather module and the S5 Search module. The weather module simply displays the current weather of particular town/city. The Search module allows one to search on 2 of the major search engines or has the allowance for up to 2 module positions great when you are running components which include their own search modules.

    2009, January 23, 4:57 AM (NO UPDATED!)
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  • Shop It is a Joomla! template primarily designed for e-commerce websites. It has a very flexible layout that makes it able to adjust to many other types of content such as blogs, portals and presentation websites.

    Shop It introduces lots of new functionalities for VirtueMart 1.1 . Ten new modules with animations were build to support this template, along with a new technology that feeds the template's menu with data from VirtueMart 1.1 .

    It is a Joomla! 1.5 native template and it is equipped with a variety of technologies that provide a very stylish user experience, a significant configuration flexibility for webmasters and content optimization settings for search engines.

    2009, January 23, 4:46 AM (NO UPDATED!)
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  • December'08 Joomla Template


    Every single day, leave an open door invitation to your customers with eshop.com!
    The most amazing stores are those who have the latest and best products, open 24 upon 24 hours a day. Overall, this shops share in common the auspicious commitment to quality, variety and good service, whenever you want or whenever you need.

    GavickPro team invites all to embrace the new eShop.com template that will share every second and every moment in your successful on-line business. With the special touch of Gavick Designers, the template will highlight among the best, spreading its top quality and elegance design.

    2009, January 23, 4:39 AM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 1:17 PM])
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  • To close a successful year on the Joomla Templates market (we are still in the beginning), we have decided to provide to our members an extremely designed Joomla Premium Template. The idea was to provide a layout with detailed redefinitions and in the same time to reserve the white space/clarity.
    As you can see from the Demo the design has spectacular shadows and curves which are added in structured proportions, translated for your site, a captivating layout into your users eyes.

    2009, January 23, 3:19 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 3:53 AM])
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  • As the first release in 2008 IceTheme begin with an special template: IT Primavera! IceTheme has worked hard to make this templates as much accessible and usable as possible. It is also very simple and has lot of white space. We guarantee that your users will love your new website! It features a three layout scheme to make it work properly on different screen resolutions. Also IT Primavera has all basic modules and components accessible and tabless. If you want to view it in action feel free to check out the demo. 

    2009, January 23, 3:10 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 3:19 AM])
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  • With IT Fission we wanted to create a "super fast" template. So we did our homework and the result is this beautiful Joomla Template. We have compressed our CSS Files in a single one, using a php method. Also IT Fission use a few images for decoration and they are optimized too. The Template features six different styles of Colors and a set of six navigation options. On the other side, accessibility and usability are the main features token in mind when we build this template and all basic modules and components are tabless. If you want to view it in action feel free to check out the demo.

    2009, January 21, 8:46 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 3:53 AM])
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  • A simple, clean shopping template has been on JoomLart forum's wishlist for rather long time and thus it is high time we release JA Zeolite - the 1st template of the New Year 2009 as an optimal choice for a pro & effective online shop.

    2009, January 12, 12:03 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 12, 12:54 AM])
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  • You're interested in setting up a corporate business based website by using the Joomla system, however you can't find a quality professional template to use? Well, thank your lucky stars because JoomlArt have just released their second template for March 2008 - JA Edenite.

    Just like with our other recent templates, JA Edenite comes built in with 4 quality menu systems: Split Menu, CSS Menu, Moo Menu and the Dropline Menu. Together with this, JoomlArt have designed the template with businesses in mind, who don't need flashy plugins but do need a fast loading clean styled website.

    2009, January 2, 2:15 PM (Last Updated [2009, September 11, 9:42 AM])
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  • We proudly present our new template: Way Beyond! Our first template to come with overrides for the Joomla core. What does that mean?

    It means that we got rid of Joomla's tables. The whole content area is free of tables now, and we developed very neat CSS for our overrides, too. We did that to give you full control over the look of your website. Now you can easily style every part of your Joomla website with CSS. We rewrote all of Joomla's core components and threw out a bunch of unnecessary code, so now your site will load faster as well.

    2009, January 2, 2:03 PM (NO UPDATED!)
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  • Build Your Company Profile or Business Site

    New template released in this september 2008 named Camp26 EntrePrise Template. This template is another our commercial template which has special design, multiple color (original and green) and a lot of module positions. This template apropriate for your company profile, business, hotels, travels and others purpose.

    2009, January 1, 9:49 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 1, 11:17 AM])
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  • Be part of the latest innovation in the Joomla! templates! This months YOOtheme template Evolution is packed with brand new features. Now you can take the full advantage of each module position, using the flexible Module Proportions feature. This addition to the YOOtheme module system, gives you the possibility to chose between different module proportions for each module position. By default you get two module proportions: equal and golden ratio. Further you are able to easily create your very own module proportion sets. Also this month YOOtools gets a exciting addition too! The YOOgallery which delivers a easy and smart way to publish multiple images in your Joomla! website. The YOOgallery extension is available as module and plugin for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.0. Enjoy!

    2009, January 1, 9:27 AM (Last Updated [2009, March 26, 3:30 AM])
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  • We have received lots of nice comments and enquiries for a light version of our 1st real community template JA Sanidine and with such great inspiration, we are delighted to introduce the light version JA Sanidine II to make it easy-to-use widespread.

    The original dark theme under JA Sanidine has been tuned into Green& Red, Cyan& Brick and Red themes, thus you can freely target the template to different areas, not just limited in gaming or entertainment industry. We keep all core functional features of FireBoard forum and Community Builder unchanged as the two great components prove to be strong and effective in maintaining online community, even in case of large-scale expansion.

    With JA Sanidine II, instead of one-way connection, you are communicating and being in touch of your clients. In the meantime, JA Sanidine II also serves as an ideal illustration of powerful combination between Joomla! CMS and its derivative addons from Joomla! community.

    2009, January 1, 8:41 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 1, 9:07 AM])
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  • Joomladesigns Cycle theme template for Joomla which supports the following features

    Compatible with Joomla! 1.0 or above plus 1.5 native mode
    Supports a number of module positions
    Custom slide show incorporated into the design
    Font resize tool
    Includes 4 different background images
    Supports 3 different layouts ( 3 column, 1 column, two left columns or two right columns plus more )
    Option to use Header site title image or H1 / H2 Site title text for SEO Optimization
    Commented CSS File
    Includes the original sliced PSD
    Includes the template installation guide

    2008, December 30, 10:02 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 1, 8:07 AM])
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  • Projecto Plazza is a new Mootools Powered template from TemplatePlazza

    2008, December 29, 4:40 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 29, 6:27 PM])
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  • If you found Windows Vista appealing because of one of the default wallpapers with the swirly ribbons, you'll be pleased when you view this JoomlArt Template, namely JA Dravity. JA Dravity has been produced to help you create a visually appealing website, without giving up features that are enchanced with JA Dravity. And as always, we included a few bonuses - JA News and multiple menu types to choose from. Besides the release of JA Dravity JA is glad to inform you that we have succesfully upgraded all our templates to Joomla 1.5 Native and moved templates to new Download System. Do not forget to subscribe to the new Release system and stay updated when there is fixes/updates for a template

    2008, December 29, 4:35 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 29, 6:29 PM])
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  • Celebrity gossip news site is always fun and exciting.
    And it will be more fun, if the site is presented with a professional look and easy on the eye. This month, we present Celebs Plazza, special for you who wants to start an online lifestyle magazine site, news about celebrities, movies, gossips, and everything else. Or maybe for those of you who already have a web site but unsatisfied with the layout, which possibly looking very plain and kinda boring.

    We are here with several supporting components (which we made especially for Celeb Plazza), such as TPNice Slideshow component to provide your highlight items in an eye catchy format. We also have TP Top Item component that is able to show the Top Item List, like Top 10 music chart or Top 10 Movie box office. And then, we also have TP News Ticker, to give you the latest news in a small but efficient form. With all that components and so much more, making Celebs Plazza is the right choice for you!

    2008, December 22, 10:26 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 22, 12:11 PM])
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  • With an incredible 23 module positions News Link is the perfect solution for your news site! Whether you are creating a site for local news, company news, national news or just an all around business site News Link will give you all the functionality and flexibility you need to create a great looking site fast, while giving your site the clean, professional design you've been waiting for.

    NEW this month, the S5 News Display module, is great for displaying news content in a rotating fashion. It allows you to display up to 10 articles and images and comes with many features including 6 layout options!

    2008, December 22, 10:01 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 22, 12:11 PM])
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  • 2008, December 22, 9:47 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 22, 12:12 PM])
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