• When we first sketched the layout for IT Millennium, the main purpose was to produce a impressive look, that could make apart your site from the crowd. The majestic IT Millennium is build-in many features some of which are five Template Styles, a variety of background images and patterns that you can easily change from the admin panel. Also as you can see from the demo site IT Millennium has a variety of modules like the new IceSlider Module, which can be used for showing a category of articles or modules in a sliding way. The popular IceCarousel and IceAccordion modules are added to the template to make it more user friendly. Join IceTheme Club Today and download it immediately!

    2009, February 20, 4:37 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 4:40 PM])
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  •  July passed and we at IceTheme didn't resist to bring you again an extremely hot joomla template with lots of new features. To begin the description for IT Together we would like to say first that this template is build-in a modified Community Builder Template.

    Also another great feature is the unlimited template styles with a single color input from Joomla Template Manager in Joomla Administrator. But we weren't 100% satisfied. So beside IceCarousel, IceSlider and IceAccordion we build IceScroller and IcePanel modules so that you can have the possibly to publish any article or module in any position on your future joomla site.

    2009, January 31, 6:33 AM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 1:11 PM])
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  • To close a successful year on the Joomla Templates market (we are still in the beginning), we have decided to provide to our members an extremely designed Joomla Premium Template. The idea was to provide a layout with detailed redefinitions and in the same time to reserve the white space/clarity.
    As you can see from the Demo the design has spectacular shadows and curves which are added in structured proportions, translated for your site, a captivating layout into your users eyes.

    2009, January 23, 3:19 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 3:53 AM])
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  • As the first release in 2008 IceTheme begin with an special template: IT Primavera! IceTheme has worked hard to make this templates as much accessible and usable as possible. It is also very simple and has lot of white space. We guarantee that your users will love your new website! It features a three layout scheme to make it work properly on different screen resolutions. Also IT Primavera has all basic modules and components accessible and tabless. If you want to view it in action feel free to check out the demo. 

    2009, January 23, 3:10 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 3:19 AM])
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  • With IT Fission we wanted to create a "super fast" template. So we did our homework and the result is this beautiful Joomla Template. We have compressed our CSS Files in a single one, using a php method. Also IT Fission use a few images for decoration and they are optimized too. The Template features six different styles of Colors and a set of six navigation options. On the other side, accessibility and usability are the main features token in mind when we build this template and all basic modules and components are tabless. If you want to view it in action feel free to check out the demo.

    2009, January 21, 8:46 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 3:53 AM])
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