• The JA Cooper brings in an online showroom with a passionate and dynamic automotive show. You can impressively get the hottest car spotlight in position with module JA slideshow 2. If you are new to JoomlArt, our previous release JA Quartz would be a good reference to explore futher oustanding features of this extension. Right below JA slideshow 2, there appears module JA content slider which ideally renders a nice content snapshort. Module JA Bulletin is also added, however, lots of space are still available for your content developement.

    2009, February 20, 4:46 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 4:50 PM])
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  • Inspired by the warmth feeling in the midst of near-coming Chrismas seasons, JA Trona brings to you an "web 2.0-looking" template for various purposes like fashion news, blog or news review. Our user-friendly functional add-ons together with stylish color options will turn your site into greater pro one.

    2009, February 18, 10:59 AM (Last Updated [2009, February 19, 3:53 PM])
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  • Following our outstanding JA ZinC, members on JoomlArt are now seeing a new special series of layout under the JA Quartz. It brings up to 7 charming styles ideally for fashion and modeling.

    In JA Quartz, content presentation is fully enhanced, we overwrite default main body of Joomla to create unique article layout in accordance with each specific template style. Images are re-sized smartly. Also, you will see a difference in the JA Tabs module as it assigns different background color for active tab vs. inactive tab, thus creating better user interface.

    2009, January 23, 7:17 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 7:24 AM])
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  • A simple, clean shopping template has been on JoomLart forum's wishlist for rather long time and thus it is high time we release JA Zeolite - the 1st template of the New Year 2009 as an optimal choice for a pro & effective online shop.

    2009, January 12, 12:03 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 12, 12:54 AM])
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  • You're interested in setting up a corporate business based website by using the Joomla system, however you can't find a quality professional template to use? Well, thank your lucky stars because JoomlArt have just released their second template for March 2008 - JA Edenite.

    Just like with our other recent templates, JA Edenite comes built in with 4 quality menu systems: Split Menu, CSS Menu, Moo Menu and the Dropline Menu. Together with this, JoomlArt have designed the template with businesses in mind, who don't need flashy plugins but do need a fast loading clean styled website.

    2009, January 2, 2:15 PM (Last Updated [2009, September 11, 9:42 AM])
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  • We have received lots of nice comments and enquiries for a light version of our 1st real community template JA Sanidine and with such great inspiration, we are delighted to introduce the light version JA Sanidine II to make it easy-to-use widespread.

    The original dark theme under JA Sanidine has been tuned into Green& Red, Cyan& Brick and Red themes, thus you can freely target the template to different areas, not just limited in gaming or entertainment industry. We keep all core functional features of FireBoard forum and Community Builder unchanged as the two great components prove to be strong and effective in maintaining online community, even in case of large-scale expansion.

    With JA Sanidine II, instead of one-way connection, you are communicating and being in touch of your clients. In the meantime, JA Sanidine II also serves as an ideal illustration of powerful combination between Joomla! CMS and its derivative addons from Joomla! community.

    2009, January 1, 8:41 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 1, 9:07 AM])
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  • If you found Windows Vista appealing because of one of the default wallpapers with the swirly ribbons, you'll be pleased when you view this JoomlArt Template, namely JA Dravity. JA Dravity has been produced to help you create a visually appealing website, without giving up features that are enchanced with JA Dravity. And as always, we included a few bonuses - JA News and multiple menu types to choose from. Besides the release of JA Dravity JA is glad to inform you that we have succesfully upgraded all our templates to Joomla 1.5 Native and moved templates to new Download System. Do not forget to subscribe to the new Release system and stay updated when there is fixes/updates for a template

    2008, December 29, 4:35 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 29, 6:29 PM])
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  • 2008, December 22, 9:47 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 22, 12:12 PM])
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  • In the light of Web 2.0,JA

    Vauxite - JoomlArt 1st template of December has been developed with a strong weight for user interaction which ideally turn your site into multi interfaces at user's configuration.

    2008, December 21, 8:33 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 21, 6:53 PM])
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  • 2008, November 13, 8:07 AM (Last Updated [2009, March 26, 3:28 AM])
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