• This month we have decided tbring back one of our most popular templates and we introduce tyou Forever ACE 2! This template will give your site the clean, professional design you've been waiting for. Create your own background tmake your site truly unique for any kind of website all without any programming experience! Plus with 17 module positions you'll never run out of places tplace your site's content!

    2009, February 20, 4:28 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 4:29 PM])
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  • The City Portal template was designed to be a small portal for sites that display information for local cities or small towns. It mimics the layout of common city sites and provides the ability for one to add many modules to the homepage in a clean, concise manor via the multiple S5 Tab shows.

    This month we introduce 2 new modules: S5 Weather module and the S5 Search module. The weather module simply displays the current weather of particular town/city. The Search module allows one to search on 2 of the major search engines or has the allowance for up to 2 module positions great when you are running components which include their own search modules.

    2009, January 23, 4:57 AM (NO UPDATED!)
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  • With an incredible 23 module positions News Link is the perfect solution for your news site! Whether you are creating a site for local news, company news, national news or just an all around business site News Link will give you all the functionality and flexibility you need to create a great looking site fast, while giving your site the clean, professional design you've been waiting for.

    NEW this month, the S5 News Display module, is great for displaying news content in a rotating fashion. It allows you to display up to 10 articles and images and comes with many features including 6 layout options!

    2008, December 22, 10:01 AM (Last Updated [2008, December 22, 12:11 PM])
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