• Votez Plazza

    We're proud to release our new commercial template called VotezPlazza.
    Wheteher you have a travel and tourism, or a Directory Service business or just have a showcase stuff site, VotezPlazza will make your site more attractive to your visitors by letting them to take votes on your rich content site.

    2009, April 21, 6:47 AM (Last Updated [2009, April 21, 6:57 AM])
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  • Inspired from the clean world of CSS, Newspro creates another branded style of JoomlaXTC! 

    2009, March 15, 1:44 AM (Last Updated [2009, April 21, 5:17 AM])
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  • Clean and Lean, the second template from JoomlaXTC delivers a fresh new CSS based design perfect for Online Magazine's, Blogs, Social Portals, Fashion, Entertainment, and so much more.

    2009, March 15, 1:40 AM (Last Updated [2009, April 21, 5:19 AM])
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  • Dub is the perfect template for Music festivals, One off dance events, City Portals, Graphic design sites and anything you can dream up. Packed with Moo Jquery effects and Modules, DUB offers some of the most advanced effects and scripts on the web. Dub offers multiple themes and 2 layout styles with a host of graphic elements and font colors.

    2009, March 15, 1:23 AM (Last Updated [2009, April 21, 5:23 AM])
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  • Screen Resolutions: 1024x768px or above
    Compatibility: Joomla 1.5+,
    Photoshop CS+
    Included versions: 1 (native Joomla 1.5)
    Download file size: 2619kb

    2009, February 20, 7:00 PM (Last Updated [2009, April 21, 5:27 AM])
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  • Akiraka introduces that incredibly functional and powerful Color Chooser, an administrator parameter addition that allows you to change the entire style of your site within seconds. This, tied with the fully transparent design and wondrous additions such as RokCandy, RokTabs and RokAjaxSearch sets the stage for unlimited possibilities.

    2009, February 20, 4:55 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 5:03 PM])
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  • The JA Cooper brings in an online showroom with a passionate and dynamic automotive show. You can impressively get the hottest car spotlight in position with module JA slideshow 2. If you are new to JoomlArt, our previous release JA Quartz would be a good reference to explore futher oustanding features of this extension. Right below JA slideshow 2, there appears module JA content slider which ideally renders a nice content snapshort. Module JA Bulletin is also added, however, lots of space are still available for your content developement.

    2009, February 20, 4:46 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 4:50 PM])
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  • When we first sketched the layout for IT Millennium, the main purpose was to produce a impressive look, that could make apart your site from the crowd. The majestic IT Millennium is build-in many features some of which are five Template Styles, a variety of background images and patterns that you can easily change from the admin panel. Also as you can see from the demo site IT Millennium has a variety of modules like the new IceSlider Module, which can be used for showing a category of articles or modules in a sliding way. The popular IceCarousel and IceAccordion modules are added to the template to make it more user friendly. Join IceTheme Club Today and download it immediately!

    2009, February 20, 4:37 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 4:40 PM])
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  • This month we have decided tbring back one of our most popular templates and we introduce tyou Forever ACE 2! This template will give your site the clean, professional design you've been waiting for. Create your own background tmake your site truly unique for any kind of website all without any programming experience! Plus with 17 module positions you'll never run out of places tplace your site's content!

    2009, February 20, 4:28 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 4:29 PM])
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  • ProjectPraise features a companion ProjectFork theme that will inherit the custom style parameters from the ProjectPraise template. The combination of these features and all of the possibe Joomla extensions will allow you to create your own company intranet comparable to that which you'd get in Basecamp® or any other expensive online project management software! 

    2009, February 20, 2:37 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 2:41 PM])
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  • Through 61 template overrides, <div>ision overrides every single core Joomla output, getting rid of all the unnecessary tables and adding all the styles necessary to allow you to customize it to your liking! 3 color themes, along with 96 template parameters ensure you'll be able to easily customize your site to fit your needs.

    2009, February 20, 2:29 PM (NO UPDATED!)
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  • 2009, February 20, 2:18 PM (NO UPDATED!)
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  • 2009, February 20, 2:08 PM (NO UPDATED!)
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  • Gain Social Praise from SocialPraise!

    2009, February 20, 1:56 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 2:00 PM])
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  • Some have said that in life, we have to be smooth or aggressive, comprehensive or demanding, careful or daring.
    No matter the mistakes are made, we learn... we choose our path!
    During our early life, we develop our original attitude which will intensely follow us along with our relations with others.
    VIYO reflects in web your attitude in life, should it be softer or charismatic, it will be your perfect partner to express your emotions thought out all wide worlds.
    With the most stylishness touch and inspiration from our designers, please welcome VIYO, our newest top creative Joomla template that will loves You for a long time!

    2009, February 20, 1:26 PM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 1:35 PM])
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  • Inspired by the warmth feeling in the midst of near-coming Chrismas seasons, JA Trona brings to you an "web 2.0-looking" template for various purposes like fashion news, blog or news review. Our user-friendly functional add-ons together with stylish color options will turn your site into greater pro one.

    2009, February 18, 10:59 AM (Last Updated [2009, February 19, 3:53 PM])
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  • Great new concept with additional never seen before features and extensions is here. Youjoomla proudly presents Realtor® - Joomla Real Estate Template. With many additional tricks Realtor® is everything you need to start you own Real Estate Website. With 2 great new Joomla 1.5 and 1.0 native extensions this Realtor® demo is a website to go . Yj Live Search Module will amaze your customers with easy Ajax search functions that are hard to miss. Yj Mortgage calculator will give your future customers fast information about their possible loan rates. Packed with additional Mootools Tooltips set and Multimedia Box this Joomla Template Demo has everything you need to start attracting new visitors.

    2009, February 18, 10:47 AM (Last Updated [2009, February 18, 11:05 AM])
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  • January 2009 Joomla Template

    Mixxmag is the first of our dedicated 1.5 only templates, using the full power of the Joomla 1.5 framework. The amazing template override facility is in full effect, combining our recurrent tableless template design with tableless overrides of the Joomla core.

    2009, February 12, 4:38 AM (Last Updated [2009, February 12, 4:53 AM])
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  •  July passed and we at IceTheme didn't resist to bring you again an extremely hot joomla template with lots of new features. To begin the description for IT Together we would like to say first that this template is build-in a modified Community Builder Template.

    Also another great feature is the unlimited template styles with a single color input from Joomla Template Manager in Joomla Administrator. But we weren't 100% satisfied. So beside IceCarousel, IceSlider and IceAccordion we build IceScroller and IcePanel modules so that you can have the possibly to publish any article or module in any position on your future joomla site.

    2009, January 31, 6:33 AM (Last Updated [2009, February 20, 1:11 PM])
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  • Following our outstanding JA ZinC, members on JoomlArt are now seeing a new special series of layout under the JA Quartz. It brings up to 7 charming styles ideally for fashion and modeling.

    In JA Quartz, content presentation is fully enhanced, we overwrite default main body of Joomla to create unique article layout in accordance with each specific template style. Images are re-sized smartly. Also, you will see a difference in the JA Tabs module as it assigns different background color for active tab vs. inactive tab, thus creating better user interface.

    2009, January 23, 7:17 AM (Last Updated [2009, January 23, 7:24 AM])
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