5 Reasons to Create a Mobile Marketing Campaign for Your Small Business

Mobile Marketing

The last two decades have seen some truly remarkable breakthroughs in technology. The development of the internet and the prevalence of home computers have for all practical purposes destroyed the traditional borders for businesses. Even the newest entrepreneur with the most limited resources can generate international interest with a savvy marketing strategy. And the best small business promotional campaigns don’t only target computer users, but the mobile market as well. Here are five reasons why you should be creating a mobile marketing campaign for your small business.

First off, the mobile audience is absolutely massive. Ask anyone what they must have on them when they leave for work, and the most frequent response is house keys, car keys, a wallet or a purse, and a smartphone. The tablet market is growing in leaps and bounds, but the majority of Americans now have those personal computers in their pockets. With smartphones and app use so prevalent, you have a massive market to target for your business. There are five times as many people walking around with smartphones or tablets as there are that have personal computers, so access those mobile platforms and see the reach of your business increase exponentially. Learn more tips and tricks about digital marketing on this dedicated website: https://iwdn.net/

Mobile users are also incredibly dedicated to their devices. Now that apps exist to link a user’s phone with his bank account for transactions, losing a wallet could actually be preferable to losing a smartphone. People check their mobile devices when waiting in line for coffee, when stopped in traffic, when they need a break from work and when they’re planning nights and weekends. Those are a lot of different opportunities for you to gain some amount of attention. Most mobile campaigns involve some mix of email marketing, app development and text advertising. Since most smarphone users will check incoming text messages within a maximum of fifteen minutes after they are received, you’ll have a very quick response time you can track.

Advertising by text message is also incredibly inexpensive and surprising effective. Sending a text out to potential customers will only cost you a few cents per message. Compare that to physical mail and you’re talking about a tiny fraction of your traditional advertising costs. In addition, text messages will deliver you a rate of redemption somewhere between 20-and-70%, depending on the effectiveness and proper targeting of your campaign. All other advertising methods average out to under a 2% redemption rate. How’s that for stacking the deck in your favor? For more information about developing a small business, visit this site: https://pastmycurfew.com/

Mobile marketing also gives you a chance to fine tune your efforts. Again, it is an inexpensive approach, so trial and error won’t be so painful for your business. You can send a mass marketing blast to try and determine more clearly who your core audience is. Or you can play around with different campaigns and offers to see which one gives the best return. Use it almost as market testing, and then bring your results back to more traditional advertising and marketing efforts with more confidence.

The final major benefit of mobile marketing is speed. You don’t have to generate assets and make a print deadline. You don’t have to design a website and go through beta testing. All you have to do is come up with a 160-character text blast and let it rip. You can formulate the idea and get it out the door literally in minutes. One of the benefits of running a small business is flexibility, and this sort of mass outlet is a huge tool of support on your side. Beat out larger companies with more resources by cutting through the red tape with mobile marketing. If you want to get more tips about growing your business, take a look at this website https://bajiroo.com/ for useful information.