Banners, Boards and Ads: Tips for Choosing Your Signage Wisely


Take a moment to consider how many signs you walk by every day. There are signs giving us directions and instructions and then there is a plethora of signs from companies all competing for your attention and your custom.

Signage is used to convey a message to an audience so for your business to get its message heard above the crowd you need to choose your style and content carefully and then get the size and placement right as well. Learn how to make the most of advertising options and signage to grow your business with

Here are some useful tips and advice on how to choose your signage for the best impact.


The use of billboards is an established marketing medium and done in the right way and by using the right message, it can be a very effective way of attracting customers and new business.

Billboards are commonly placed in high-traffic areas such as major highway routes and in addition to the traditional style of billboard, digital billboards are growing increasingly popular.

Sandwich boards

These are great for localized and point-of-sale advertising as they are often placed directly outside of your business premises and used to attract customers into the store with special offers or sales incentives.

Restaurants regularly use sandwich boards to publish what they have on the menu for that day and this type of advertising medium is very flexible and often cost-effective as you can change the message as often as you like with minimal effort and cost.

Mobile advertising

Another form of outside promotion that you might want to consider is mobile advertising. This is when you purchase a space on the side or back of a truck or public vehicle which travels regularly through heavily populated areas and can therefore be seen by many people in one day.

Shop around for some options and you might be able to strike a good deal with some local truck operators or maybe even use a company that provides trucks and vehicles specifically for this purpose. Get valuable tips on using advertising options and signage effectively for your business from lcb-brand


You can use banners either on a permanent or temporary basis as an outside sign to tell customers about a particular event going on at your business or simply to attract customers.

Many companies change their banners fairly frequently and store them for future use, which makes them a reasonably cost-effective advertising choice. Even though the signs might be temporary, you might want to make sure that they are secured safely by using some strapping that you can get from a supplier like ISO Stainless.


The most common form of outside advertising for your business is the use of business signage.

Signs can be placed on the outside of your business premises to help people easily identify where you are and what you are offering to your customers. To make sure that the signage is effective you should consider the size of each sign very carefully, especially considering the size in proportion to the building and where the business is sited.

If you want to be seen from a distance then you will need a large sign that is ideally at least 10-12 feet from the ground and can be easily read from the street. You can use smaller signs lower down to provide more detailed information once people are within sight of your premises.

Choosing your advertising options and signage wisely will help your business to get recognition in the area and when you get it right, it can certainly have a positive impact on your sales turnover. 

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