Best Apps for Live Gold Prices

Best Apps for Live Gold Prices

Gold prices are never constant and every second they keep fluctuating. Therefore, if you’re a gold trader or an ordinary person interested in buying gold for a special occasion, knowing its exact value is definitely a top priority.

There are plenty of apps which have been created specially to keep you updated on these prices and the best amongst them include:

Moneycontrol’s Market

Moneycontrol’s market is basically a blackberry app; but, with a bit of additional coding you would be able to integrate it into your phone. This app is definitely one of the best because it doesn’t just keep you updated on the gold prices but also information on various financial markets.

The app which was developed by Network 18 is available to all users completely free of charge and this has surely helped it top the charts.

Gold Price Live

You may have heard about the organisation ‘gold price’. This useful app is their development and using it you would be able to get real time prices of gold as well as silver. Moreover, when you use this app you also have the option to check out previous prices and compare charts.

No matter which country you’re living in, when you use this app you’d receive up to the second prices in your local currency as most of the global currencies are integrated into this application.

If at all you happen to live in the US, you could also use Gold Price Live to help find local dealers in gold and silver as this way you’d be able to sell or buy at the right price. All you need to do is search for it in the Android market – it’s free!

Kcast Gold Live

This is another free app which integrates with the iOS, Blackberry as well as Android devices. If at all you’re in search of live rates of all precious metals including gold and silver, this app would be the best option. Moreover, in addition to live prices, you’d also get information such as news and latest video releases in this niche.


iBullion is an app which has been developed specifically for the Android market by stepsystems. It provides you with up to minute gold prices as well as the upper and lower limits of that day.  There are multiple currency options and you would be able to choose the one that suits your needs.

If at all your currency isn’t the USD, you could always set a default. There’s no need to change it each time you use the app.

Gold Tracker

Gold Tracker can only be integrated with the iOS and was developed by the software firm Kory Hearn.  This app has the capability of using various currencies and also different kinds of measuring scales such as the ounce, gram, oz and so on.

Gold trade is such a huge venture that there are hundreds of apps for all devices created specifically for keeping track of the fluctuating prices. So, all you need to do is search for one that matches your device – you’d find plenty!

Nick likes to invest in gold on a regular basis. He prefers investing in precious metals much more than investing in stocks. He uses a number of iPhone appls for buying cash for gold online.