Best Free Apps for Nokia

Best Free Apps for Nokia

Applications-The new wave of Software for free!

Most everyone these days understands what applications are and what they do, so there’s not much need to explain what they are. However, in these challenging times, there’s always people looking for a bargain-and there are a lot of free applications you can download onto your phone. So, here are some free applications for your sell Nokia e72:

Nokia Beta Labs

These applications are from the Beta Labs at Nokia, and work on the e72:
Nokia Here and Now: Gives you updates on news, weather and other topics like events and restaurants based on where you are at the moment. A great app to have for those times you aren’t within reach of your computer.

Nokia Suite

A free application that connects your Nokia phone with a Windows PC and can synchronize content between the two. You can use the PC to get software updates for your phone and vice-versa. A very handy app just in case it’s needed for an emergency.

Nokia Photo Browser

Just what it says. A great way to utilize your photos.

Image Space Capture: View and share photos.

Ovi Maps 3.04

Map application that shows what’s nearby and gives you directions.
Diagnostics: For those times you need to find out what’s wrong with your phone, if that happens. A troubleshooting application that’s very useful for your sell Nokia e72.

Battery Extender Lite

This application extends the battery life on your Nokia e72 by 30 percent. By fine tuning the features on the sell nokia e72, it makes sure that your battery isn’t drained.

Web Browsers

Opera Mobile

The mobile browser of choice. It is a good idea to stick with your default browser for some tasks, but Opera has a lot of great features that mobile phone users will enjoy.


Another great browser to download.

Social Networks


Another application that supports such social networking software as Skype and MSN/Windows Instant Messenger.


Designed to be used with Twitter. Totally free and a great way to keep track of your Tweets.


Free calls and chats. Supports most instant messaging software like Skype, MSN and Yahoo.


Another chat application that lets you make cheap international calls as well. Supports most IM software also.

Skype for Mobile

Skype now has it’s own VOIP application that can be used on a mobile phone. Free video calls and low cost calls to other mobiles and land lines are also available.

Face book for Mobile

Text, chat and keep up with your Face book using this application.


Shazam: Have you ever had a song playing in your head and couldn’t identify it? This app not only helps you identify that song, you can also use it to locate that song and buy it. However, be aware that you can only use Shazam five times a month.

HandyWi: This application helps you connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in a matter of seconds. You can also detect the nearest hotspot in order to connect. A great app for those who use Wi-Fi more often on their phone rather than their computer.

So, as you see, it’s easy to find quality free apps for the Nokia e72. So, get downloading!
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