New Technology Allows Studying the Influence of Mobile Phones Radiation

Mobile Phones Radiation

From the very first moment when mobile phones appeared in our life of people, we’re worried about the possible consequences of high-frequency radiation’s impact on human health. Scientists have been arguing on this point for a very long time, and a lot of research has been done that has brought opposite results. One results show that mobile radiation is absolutely harmless for people’s health while other results prove that permanent use of mobile phones may result in the appearance of cancer and other oncological diseases. So what’s the reason for such diametrically opposite results? The answer is really simple. Regardless of the high level of modern technology, scientists still don’t have a reliable method that will provide definite results on the influence of high-frequency radiation on a human’s brain. You can check out the website to know more about technology and the influence of high-frequency radiation on human health.

As opposed to X-rays and other forms of high-energy radiation of nuclear character, low range radio waves don’t have enough energy for getting through cell membranes and hitting the structure of DNA molecules. In order for mobile phone radiation to cause genetic changes in the brain tissues, a brain needs to consume huge amount of such radiation. And now scientists simply don’t know whether such processes happen in the brains of people who use their mobile phones very often during a day.

In order to dot the “i” in this question, researchers need to calculate the exact amount of radiation consumed by brain tissues when using a mobile phone regularly. And finally, there appeared a way to do this.

High-frequency radiation transmitted by a mobile phone is consumed by brain tissues. It leads to the heating of these tissues, and this heating can be detected and measured by using magnetic resonance imaging. Unfortunately, because of strong magnetic field used for magnetic resonance imaging it’s impossible to scan a person who holds a mobile phone, which contains a lot of different metals, near ear. In the earlier periods researchers tried to model such a situation by directing electric current through brain tissues and recording heat distribution. But such modeling hardly reflects all the processes that take place when we use mobile phones. Check out the website to know more about technology and the influence of high-frequency radiation on our lives. Visit to learn more about technology and how high-frequency radiation affects our daily life.

A group of researchers from New York and New Jersey has developed a special aerial that emits radio waves in the same way the aerials of mobile phones do. But the construction of this aerial doesn’t have any metal part. Scientists have already done some testing by placing this aerial near a person under examination, have done magnetic resonance imaging, and recorded the temperature in several dozens of key places in the brain.

In the nearest future, this technology will allow scientists to create a full three-dimensional map of mobile phone radiation’s influence on a human’s brain. This will let us know the amount of high-frequency energy consumed by the brain during one average phone talk and will help to detect whether the permanent and often use of mobile phones endangers our health. Do you care about technology and how it affects the environment? For additional information, see the website