Best iOS 6 Apps to Download

Best iOS 6 Apps to Download

It would be a shame if you could not make the most out of the shiny iOS 6 of your equally shiny iPhone 5. If you are dying to download and install applications that can make the most out of Apple’s newest operating system, you can start out with some of the ones listed below.


If you are one of the most active denizens of Twitter sphere then you definitely need to upgrade the Twitter app of your iPhone 5. Although Twitter services are fully integrated with iOS 6, you also get to enjoy additional benefits when you download the latest update for its application. You should see for yourself to believe!

If the basic services offered by the official application of Twitter are not entirely satisfactory, you can also try downloading a third-party application like Tweetbot for instance. Many consider this as one of the best third-party Twitter-oriented applications available to mobile users. Its update has also been developed to match the advanced settings of iPhone 5.


Offline reading is a built-in service from iOS 6 but of course that is limited to the times you are using your smartphone’s Safari browser. If for some reason your website does not load properly with Safari then you can try visiting the site using Instapaper instead. The application’s latest update ensures that you get to enjoy an enhanced offline reading experience as it takes full advantage of the longer screen of the iPhone 5.


If you are the type to subscribe to as many RSS feeds as possible in order to get your daily reading fix, you definitely need to have Reeder installed in your iPhone 5. Its latest update also includes enhancements designed to maximize the half-an-inch addition to the display size of the iPhone 5.


If you do not yet have Evernote installed in your smartphone then iOS 6 gives you another reason to do so. This all-in-one note-taking application comes with immensely powerful features to provide you with the most comprehensive notes and reminders. With Evernote, your little memos can include location maps and image attachments and they can be organized by keyword and other filters.

The newest update ensures that your Evernote takes maximum advantage of the increased height of your iPhone 5 screen as well as the integrated Facebook-sharing features of the iOS 6.


If you love being one of the first to learn about breaking news all over the globe then you probably have the free CNN application installed in your device. With the iOS 6 and iPhone 5 out, CNN had immediately made available an update for readers to enjoy the new features and services of Apple’s latest smartphone design and operating system.


Music-tagging applications have been around for some time but only a few are as user-friendly and effective as Shazam. If you consider yourself a music aficionado yourself, then make sure you have this application – with its latest update – installed in your iPhone 5.

Other applications that have been updated to enjoy iOS 6 enhancements include those of the NY Times, Temple Run, Facebook, Kindle, Dark Knight Rises, Yelp, and Pulse. Remember to update your mobile service plan as well to enjoy 24/7 online access. Search online to know about available internet options in your area.