The Ultimate Guide To Cocktail Rings

The Ultimate Guide To Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are a must for all those parties you’ll be going to this season. As fond as we are of our little black dress, we know it needs a helping hand to really sparkle. If you want to make the most of your beautiful hands (maybe you recently had a manicure!), then a cocktail ring is the ideal accessory. It doesn’t need to be expensive at all – you can find cocktail rings almost anywhere.


Accessorize’s hand-painted crystal domed ring is a glamorous addition to any girl’s wardrobe. The beautiful design is not only bubbly but especially unique – not even one of these rings is exactly the same as the other. With an essence of the bohemian, this cocktail ring doesn’t need to be 100% formal. Perfect for adding a girly and creative edge to any outfit; at the bargain price of £6, you can afford to get three!

Miss Selfridge

If you want to go feminine without going floral, choose a butterfly design. Whether you are 13 or 30, a butterfly ring is youthful and fun; especially in summer. Miss Selfridge’s stone butterfly ring is studded with crimson crystals, making it a must-have flirty but sexy piece of costume jewellery.


For a real stand-out, vintage-style cocktail ring, Rachel Zoe’s brilliant faceted stone ring is absolutely gorgeous. Now everyone can get that retro glamour without the large price tag. The stone is a honey-dipped brown colour, which is perfect for an autumn wardrobe. For a really lush look, you could accessorise with a full-on (faux) fur coat and some drop-dead-gorgeous, red lippie.


Pearls are a beautiful decorative asset to any necklace. For a pure, silvery-white cocktail ring, choose Wallis’ pearl rhinestone costume jewellery. When matched with a smattering of sparkle, this is the best cocktail ring for an outfit with class.

Marks and Spencer

If Marks and Spencer brings out a cocktail ring, you know it’s going to be timeless. Their floral ring has a retro twist and is adorned with purple and turquoise crystals for effortless prettiness. It has been so lovingly created that it looks like the real thing and is only £12.

Juicy Couture

At this point, there hasn’t been enough glam pieces for our liking. As charming as understated cocktail rings are, we all need our statement accessories for that real show-stopping effect. Juicy Couture thankfully offers up a piece of jewellery that could blind someone with reflected sunlight. This ring is just layers of glittering crystals. For those evenings when you need to look like a million dollars, wear this cocktail ring.

Glitzy Secrets

Round two of mega-glam cocktail rings. We love the name of this accessory: Hollywood starlet! If you want to feel ready for the red carpet, this amazingly striking cocktail ring was inspired by 1940’s movies. The boldness of the center stone is offset by the simplicity of the band – that’s what we like: balance…and fabulousness.