Top 10 Great Looking Inexpensive Wedding Suits For The Groom

Looking Inexpensive Wedding Suits For The Groom

Are you looking for top-quality inexpensive suits or tuxedos for your wedding? We have ten websites that offer designer-style suits for less than $200. Take your pick below:

This website is an example of a B2B (business-to-business) site that markets China-made products to the rest of the world. They have a good collection of suits and tuxedos for grooms who are on a tight budget. DH Gates is a wholesaler that offers clothing items with a price range of $191-$214. The suit featured is an off-white three-piece wool ensemble. Shipping is free within the US via EMS courier.

AliExpress is an online shopping site where you can find great deals on electronics, furniture, automotive parts and wedding suits. What’s great about this site is that they constantly give out discounts. For the suit featured, it’s a gray piece with a two-button lapel jacket. The cost is affordable at $107.10. Shipping is free within the US via EMS courier.

This website also has several suppliers from China selling their products online. For this example, Alibaba offers a 100% wool suit at $90 for a set. They offer free shipping to customers if their total bill is more than $110. The great thing about Alibaba is that most of their merchandisers accept payment through PayPal.

Milanoo is an online clothing store that has everything from party gowns to wedding dresses, even Cosplay costumes. Their suits and tuxes are a bargain. Check out the featured one here. This white worsted three-button suit is a steal at only $149.99. And they even offer a combo deal where you can get matching shoes with them.

When in doubt, check Ebay. You’re sure to find what you need there — wedding suits and tuxedos are no exception. Check out this tux we found on Ebay. It’s made of velvet, totally brand new, and costs only $169.00. Shipping is not free though, so expect to cough up at least $20 for it. The suit comes from India, a country known to have very good tailors. Ebay also accepts payment from PayPal, and they have a money-back guarantee in case you don’t get your order.

This online clothing store sells stylish suits made in Korea. The tuxedo we are featuring here is a tux with a single-breasted worsted jacket. The price is not at all bad at only $183.05. Shipping is not free and the fee may depend on which region you want your tux sent to.

This site takes the cake in the cheap groom’s suit category. Try browsing through their website and you will find a huge collection of suits under $100. All suits are made in China and we know that labor in China is cheap. This double-breasted tux made of wool with polyester lining only costs $58.

This suit we found at is 67% off. From $789.99, it’s now slashed down to $256.99. This suit is gorgeous, not only for the big savings you get but also for the craftsmanship. It’s an English style, double-vented, one-button slim cut suit. also offers free shipping for orders over $80. Check this out now before it runs out.

This clothing brand is also having a big sale. This Navy Polywool tuxedo, which used to cost £95, is now only £47.5. Translated into dollars, this tux was $157 and is now only $78. That’s a big bargain for a quality tuxedo made by a known clothing line. Take note that trousers are not included. But the good thing is they are also on sale at £20, or $33.

Here’s another known brand that doesn’t charge that much for their three-piece suits. This black two-button three-piece suit costs £135 as a set. That’s more than $200. With Topman, you can even buy the pieces individually. If you’re looking to save, you can just order the jacket and the trousers and skip on the waistcoat. The jacket is £65 ($107) and the trousers are £35 ($57). That should bring your total bill to only $164. To complete the piece, you can buy a cheaper waistcoat elsewhere.

Your suit doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find a lot of quality outfits on the internet if you know where to look. We hope our featured sites and suits have given you an idea on what type of suit you’re going for and where you’re purchasing them from. Happy shopping!Vist this page for an updated.