The Use of Glass in Home Decoration

The Use of Glass in Home Decoration

Glass has light and transparent texture, varied color and artistic shape, space partition and expansion function. It is the first choice for trendy and individualized decoration material. As glass has diversified category and wide applicability in home decoration, how to choose the right glass décor for different part in our home becomes the compulsory course for home owners.

Glass used in home decoration can be divided into four categories: common use, partition and decoration, manufacturing furniture, heat insulation and energy saving.

Sheet glass is widely used in home decoration. It is featured with good light transmittance performance and easy to explode. Hot-melt glass, sand-blasted glass, stained glass, glass mosaic, glass tile and tempering glass are widely used glass product in home decoration and partition. They are featured with artistic and unique pattern. Glass used in producing furniture has crystal glass, paint glass and mirror glass. Laminated glass and coated glass has good heat insulation performance. Hollow glass and laminated glass are often used for sound insulation purpose. As for glass with high security, laminated composite fire-proof glass, wired glass, tempering glass, hollow fire-proof glass is good choice.

Glass suspended ceiling

Glass suspended ceiling is the most attractive home decoration in the application of glass. Glass suspended ceiling can relieve space oppressing sensation for house with low storey height. As the light reflection performance of glass is good, home owner can easily create romantic and warm atmosphere with the collocation of light and glass.

Security and decoration are two must consider aspects when selecting glass suspended ceiling material. Paint glass, glass mosaic, sand-blasted glass is the perfect choice for glass suspended ceiling. For safety consideration, security glass like laminated glass, tempering glass should be used in place where has hidden danger. The thickness of glass is better 0.5 to 0.8 cm.

Use metal, batten or plaster to divide the glass into small lattice. The breadth of glass should be small for its buckling resistance is poor.

Use keel and 9cm core board, plywood as the substrate of suspended ceiling to reinforce it before installing glass.

Glass partition

Different glass partition has different decoration effect. Common glass partition is simple designed. Stained glass partition is fresh. Sand-blasted glass is elegant. Crackle glass can create mystery atmosphere. Although glass partition is featured with high price, it can expand space visually and add artistic atmosphere to space.

The expression form of glass partition is varied: glass brick in living room and vestibule as glass partition, non-transparent and semi-closed glass sliding door in kitchen and bathroom, or totally closed glass partition in bathroom.

Usually the decoration effect of glass partition is released by dreamy color change. Therefore home owners should remember that the color of glass partition should be consistent with the whole decoration style.

The thickness of glass wall partition is better to be 1 cm because it has good load bearing capacity. Glass with 0.5 to 0.8 cm thickness is suit to be used as the panel of cabinet or decoration part.

Area of single glass should not be too large. When the area of single glass exceeds 1 square meter, there is hidden danger in it. Therefore, for security consideration, home owners should cut the glass into small pieces under the precondition of do not affect the whole decoration effect or use frame to improve its security.

The material of glass partition in bathroom is varied according to its area. Tempered glass is perfect choice for small bathroom as the impact force of human activity to glass partition is small. For large bathroom, glass partition and glass partition wall should use laminated glass. The strong load bearing capacity of it can guarantee the security.

Water proof adhesive tape can improve the water proof performance of shower room. The adhesive tape is easy to clean and joint closely.

Glass TV background wall

TV background wall is the visual focus of living room. Glass TV background wall can create modernized and simple decoration effect. Glass TV background wall has mirror surface and flatting two decoration effects.

The thickness of glass background wall is better to be above 0.8 cm. Assembling glass background wall not only is convenient to transport, but also can reduce the trouble of installation and maintenance.

The glass background wall highlights its style mainly through design. It is different from background wall made of other materials. One whole side glass background wall may make people feel cold and have no family feeling, so home owners can combine other decoration materials in the background wall. If you want to know more wall decoration information, you can check wall decal for reference.