David Nelson

David Nelson
I often write about finance, personal finance, technology, science and more. I have been writing for over a year.

Tips to Ensure You Go Down a Hit At Parties

When I was younger I went to a lot of parties. These were ‘American Pie’ style parties in that they were full of youths...

Best iOS 6 Apps to Download

It would be a shame if you could not make the most out of the shiny iOS 6 of your equally shiny iPhone 5....

Best VPN Providers in USA

Considering the many people who access hulu and the internet through VPN, competition for customers has to be very high because Virtual Private Network...

Best Apps for Live Gold Prices

Gold prices are never constant and every second they keep fluctuating. Therefore, if you’re a gold trader or an ordinary person interested in buying...

Beginner’s Cellphone LG Optimus 2

The new Samsung Galaxy Y is considered as the basic touchscreen display screen phone for those people who wish to have android OS in their cellphones. It gives...


David Nelson

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